Sunday, September 25, 2011

Stupid of the Day 9/25/11

I am not very social, as such I never thought of writing a blog before, but today I decided that I would jot a few words down on one of my favorite subjects: STUPID PEOPLE.

It's 7am Sunday morning, too early for stupid? Not by any measure. Stupid operates 24/7 365.

I sit sipping a cup of coffee at my local Starbucks (can you say endorsement).
A woman walks in and starts ordering drinks, she has come in from a car parked outside. A Prius.
Problem? Yes.
I look outside to see that the car is parked facing the wrong direction on the street, if this is not bad enough - the curb is painted red for the whole block! The side of the street where she came from has ample parking with the addition of 2 parking lots. She had to go out of her way to park on the wrong side.

The lady waits for her order. Five minutes go by.
I say to Stupid Lady: "Hey you know your car is facing the wrong direction and is parked in the red zone?"
No reaction.
I look back at the car, her husband sits waiting. Hmmm. Then I notice in the back seat, a young child.
A girl around 7 or 8 years old.

A few more minutes go by. I can't take it.
There are plenty of stupid people around but the thought that they are going to pass stupid down to the next generation makes me so angry I just have to say something!

I get up and walk out to the car. I lean down to the window and address the guy in the car.

Me: "Excuse me, do you think that you are special? I see that you are parked in the red facing the wrong direction?"

Stupid Guy turns to his daughter in the back seat and says: "He's a hater", then rolls up the window.
I go back into the coffee shop and Stupid Woman is walking out, she looks to me and says:
"Are you happy now?"

No I'm not, you are still Stupid!

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