Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Invisible Tigers: Never Invite them for dinner.

Recently I had the pleasure / displeasure of helping to babysit two Bengal Tigers.
One catch, a good amount of the time they were invisible. 
I am not a tiger expert by ANY means, but left in a dark place with a big tiger that nobody can really see and told to make sure nobody gets hurt makes you a little freaked out. Why you ask?
When a tiger is invisible everyone wants to see it so they all get REALLY close to it's cage.
(the tiger can reach out about 3 feet to grab whatever it thinks will taste good)
I'm telling you, people will stick their face right up to the cage. Then, since we are in the dark everyone wants to get out their flashlight and shine it into the tiger's face - if they can find it.

Now, I can't be completely sure about this, but I would venture to guess from the sounds they make, that tigers don't like having lights shining in their faces!

Also it's probably not a good idea to hang out too close to the cage if you are dressed up as a duck!

Luckily nobody got eaten, although when the tigers WERE visible one guy walked by and the tiger scratched a road case he was carrying, had the case been in the other hand it would have been his leg! I don't think he even noticed!

One other thing. It turns out that tigers like to mark their territory, and when you are a tiger EVERYWHERE YOU GO is your territory!
They do this by pissing on everything in sight!
Plus another little known tiger fact... they have scent glands distributed in various places around their bodies, one is located for easy piss access.

Also when you are a tiger you don't piss like everyone else... No you gotta be spectacular so you piss out a spray like a jet that travels up 8 feet high on the walls, doors, floor, and everything and everyone in the room - and you make that scent gland really count because you want everyone to know you have been there for a long long time to come!
Tigers at work earning their Chicken
Hey buddy you look delicious!

Needless to say they are cool but make bad dinner guest!

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