Friday, October 14, 2011

Setting up StarDict dictionaries in i2Reader

ON YOUR COMPUTER (not a mobil device) Go Here to get the dictionay files:
(You can get the dictionaries anywhere else you want)

Select the language in the first Search Parameters box.
(english to english for me)

Sort by Language (or however you want)

Change Download format to "StarDict"

Hit the Submit Button.

In the table below choose the dictionary you want.

Download the file.

Unzip the file.

Open the folder it creates.
Find the file that ends with ""
Change the "d" to a "g"

Now unzip that file to the directory with the other files.
(the one you are currently in)

Select the newly unziped ".dict" file and also the file with the ".idx"  extention.

Zip the two files together into a zip archive.

Open iTunes while your ipod touch or Iphone is hooked up and select your  device.

Open the apps section.

Select i2Reader in the apps area "File Sharing"at the lower portion of the  window, you should see all the books in your collection on the right hand  side.

Drop the zip file you made into the library area. (where you see the files)

Now open and close i2Reader then open it up again and it should add the  dictionary to your collection. (it should pop up a message "Library  Unpacking Archive".

In i2Reader go to Prefrences, in the dictionary section turn on use  dictionaries then in dictionaries in use select the dictionary files you  want to use. You can run as many as you want at one time.

Next time you are reading a book hold your finger on a word and the  dictionary will pop up a definition. You can also do the same IN the  definition box!

Note: Alternatly you can upload the zip file to i2Reader using i2Readers  Http upload or FTP interface if you do not want to use iTunes

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